Know. Act. Prevent.

We need your help to get our message to everyone
who needs to hear it.


Why do we need your help?

Few know about the MenB vaccine and many doctors are not talking to their patients about it.


We want to arm parents and young adults with the information to act – to proactively talk to their healthcare provider about MenB and the vaccine available to help prevent it.

We want to encourage the medical community, as well as high school, college and university administrators to talk to their patients and students about the MenB vaccine. 

How can you help? Above you can download (and share!) educational materials and posters, as well as an action kit loaded with ideas to help get the word out in your community. 

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A few ideas to help you get started.

Have other ideas of your own?
We’d love to hear them. 

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A little work goes a long way. Here are some quick ideas for how you can help Patti and Alicia.

  1. Talk to your doctor. Ask your doctor about the Meningitis B vaccine, and tell your friends and family to do the same.

  2. Get social. There are plenty of easy-to-share resources on our website – from educational brochures to posters, videos, graphics and more.

  3. Distribute posters and brochures in your community, including doctor's offices, schools, libraries and other public spaces. Need copies? You know who to ask.

  4. Let your local newspaper and TV stations know about the Meningitis B Action Project by using the media materials in the action kit.

  5. And last but certainly not least, let us help you. Patti and Alicia are eager to share their stories with your community to spread this important message.


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