Sample E-mail

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It has been recently been brought to my attention that several college campuses around the United States have experienced cases of Meningitis B. As a local resident of [CITY]/as a parent of a student at [INSERT SCHOOL], I wanted to reach out to make you aware of Meningitis B educational resources available for your students (and their parents), should they be helpful to you.

You can find all the resources here:

A recent study found that MenB is 3.5 times more common in college students versus non-college students, so I feel it is very important for students to be aware of MenB and the MenB vaccine available to help prevent it. Most students and parents are not aware that your need two vaccines to help protect against meningococcal disease: MenACWY and MenB.

The Meningitis B Action Project is a joint initiative by two mothers who each lost their young, healthy daughters too soon to a now vaccine-preventable disease, Meningitis B.

As an advocate for the Meningitis B Action Project, thank you very much in advance and please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.



Finding the Right Contact


Who do you send your email to? It is simple to find the right contact. Here is what we suggest:

  1. Visit the website of the school/college/university and find the page for the student health center.

  2. Navigate to the staff page or contact us page for the student health center.

  3. Look for the following positions: Health center director, medical director, immunization director or head nurse. Their emails will typically be found within their profiles. You can choose to send it to all, or the one that you feel is the best fit. What matters is that you reached out!

  4. If you can’t find any personal emails, find the general health center email - typically found in the contact us page.

If you need help, contact us at