Meningococcal disease
is one of the most common types of bacterial meningitis.

It is a life-threatening bacterial infection that can affect the lining of the brain and spinal cord, or it can cause an infection in the bloodstream – or both.

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It is mainly caused by 5 types of meningococcal bacteria - ABCWY.


It can be easy to spread from person to person. 


Symptoms of meningococcal disease

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It’s more common than you think.


50+ college campuses have reported cases of
meningococcal disease (2013-March 2019), including 29 schools with MenB cases since 2008

Specifically, Meningitis B accounts for:

50% of all meningococcal disease cases among 17-22 year olds.
100% of all meningococcal disease outbreaks on college campuses in the US since 2011.

Meningococcal disease is preventable!

Talk to your doctor today about BOTH the MenACWY and the MenB vaccines. 


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